Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's been a while since I've been on this blog (forgot about it for a bit!).  I've got a 2013 Photo Challenge going on a Wordpress blog (, but I thought I'd update this one a little.

First, the horses:

I lost Bonfire June 20, 2011.  He injured a stifle, and endured a failed surgical repair of it.  He finally began to have problems in his back and his other hind leg (if he had been a full sized horse, I'm sure he would have foundered in the front feet, as Barbaro did--along with the other hind foot), and we took one more trip to the lameness specialist.  Dr. Spencer could come up with no miracles, so Bonfire was euthanized, with his good friend Buffi at his side.  I have had a pendant made of some of his mane & tail hair.  It has one blue stone & one brown one, to match his eyes.  It resides on the box that holds his ashes.  I will miss him always.

We had such a miserably HOT summer that summer, with temps reaching 112º officially.  The thermometer in the barn showed 117º and the one on the front porch showed 122º!

Ladyhawk succumbed to the long, drawn-out heat at the end of August 2011.  The vets said they had more colics the last two weeks of August than they'd had all year.  The  unrelenting heat just wore them down.  R.I.P. Ladyhawk.

Sold Kittyhawk last summer, then added Radar, a grade 38 1/2" rescue pony, a week later!  Then two senior mares, Hope (28" tall!) and Polly (Bonfire's mom), joined me in late August.

So I went from eight to six to NINE!  Never thought I'd have NINE HORSES!  Glad they're minis!



Hope & Polly
in Winter Woolies