Friday, May 2, 2014

OK, No Hyperbike. :(

Too many other things requiring $$ to be able to part with about $1800.

Part of it is a new kitten that I will be traveling to Houston for in a couple of weeks!  Since I lost my 19-year-old Siamese in January, and my beloved Mithlin is now 13 years old, I deemed it necessary to add another Oriental, Siamese, or Colorpoint Shorthair face to the feline crew.  A cat show in Mesquite, TX helped me find a lovely lady by the name of Chris Willingham, who has a litter of Oriental Shorthair kittens that were almost ready for new homes.  One of those babies will come live with me when she's old enough.  I can't wait!

Pictures when she arrives. . .