Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is Buffi and her buddy Bonfire during a mutual grooming session.  

I've had Bonfire since he was 2 months old (he wasn't weaned that early, but I spent 3 months working with him).  By the time he was weaned, he was leading, picking up his feet for cleaning and trimming, standing tied for grooming, and doing all the things a horse has to know.  He's such a sweetie, and a smartie, too.  He's my resident horsedini.  I've had to put a carabiner snap on each stall to keep him from getting out and letting everyone else out, too.  He even taught the donkey how to open them, so now I have TWO escape artists.  (sigh)
This is Buffi, my first miniature horse.  She stands under 31 inches tall, and look at that mane!

This is my test photo for the Elements Village 365 challenge.

I've never tried such a big undertaking before, and I'm both excited and a little intimidated by the sheer size of what lies before me.  (Gee, doesn't that sound poetic?)

So, we'll see what happens! Only one more day to wait.

My First Blog!

Well, this is the first try at a blog for me.  I'll be adding photos and farm info (cats, horses, garden--not necessarily in that order!) from time to time.