Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is Buffi, my first miniature horse.  She stands under 31 inches tall, and look at that mane!

This is my test photo for the Elements Village 365 challenge.

I've never tried such a big undertaking before, and I'm both excited and a little intimidated by the sheer size of what lies before me.  (Gee, doesn't that sound poetic?)

So, we'll see what happens! Only one more day to wait.


  1. Sunny, Welcome to the blog - I just linked you to my page! I just saw a miniture horse for the 1st time last year - they are sooooo cute! Great pic for your first post!

  2. Thanks! I think the minis are wonderful. (You did better than me--I BOUGHT the first one I saw, and this picture is her!)

  3. I've never tried blogging but am most impressed with your photography ability. Obviously you have talent and will have fun with your new project. Love your horses. The camera and they will make your life full.

    Enjoy and I'll check back.

    Jackie in IL

  4. Thank you, Jackie. (I love them, too, busy little minds and all!)