Tuesday, June 30, 2009

239 - Power

I know you're thinking "Power? Ducks? How do those two things go together????"

Here's how: Ducks are deceptively calm on the water. We see a serene bird gliding effortlessly across the water's surface.

What's real is that their feet are pedaling with great speed and force (if they're in a hurry, that is), and only rarely do you get to see and to realize just how much they are working below the surface for that "effortless" propulsion!

I chose this photo because behind the duck, you can see a bit of his pedal power, water churning, like a mini inboard motor on a boat, a bit of whitewater and a flashing orange leg. Seemingly serene, but peddling like hell below the surface!


  1. Very unique take on this theme, Sherrie! Good job!

  2. Sorry - I meant "Sunny", not "Sherrie"!!!!

  3. That's why ducks never need to diet! LOL Gorgeous and love that reflection!

  4. Cool shot and great take on the theme. It looks like he was looking right at you!

  5. Great, creative interpretation of this theme! Love the story behind the shot...and that little duck is kicking up quite a wake!