Saturday, December 26, 2009

166 - Larger Than Life

The same day I took the pigeon photos, I captured a hawk moments after he brought down one of those same pigeons for a big dinner. Unfortunately for him, a much larger hawk was gliding nearby, and decided to nab a free meal. He landed near the smaller hawk with his catch, and proceeded to intimidate him with his superior size. After a moment or two, the smaller one conceded defeat and left the kill to the big one. This is the imposing stance the big one took to obtain his pre-caught feast! Might impressive thief, isn't he?!?


  1. That is awesome timing, to get a hawk w/ his wings like that is amazing - what a great shot!

  2. Wonderful to see you posting again Sunny, and that is an impressive hissy Fit he is putting on, did anyone inform the Police of the theft.
    Have a great Festive season.

  3. He's pretty scary looking!

    I'm glad to see you posting again, too. I am missing your Symphony posts. How's she doing?

    glad to follow your blog this year. Happy holidays!

  4. Yipes! I'd give it my dinner... i'm glad too that you are posting again and like Val wonder about that beauty.