Sunday, December 24, 2017

Miniature Horses Offered For Sale

I am unwillingly needing to part with three (or four) of my beautiful Miniature Horses. We will be moving out of state in a few months, and I have a mini-sized 4-horse trailer, and NINE horses.

Two are very old mares, who will likely (hopefully) be staying behind with a trusted friend.  (If not, I will have them shipped professionally by friends I trust to care properly for them in their advanced age...)

Which leaves SEVEN. Three must find homes before we leave!

Available to approved homes are:

Tinker Toy Crimson Spirit, 2003 sorrel gelding, AMHA registered. He is the "stock-type", and now that AMHA is allowing stock-type classes, he would be a lovely little halter horse. He qualified as a two-year-old for World Championship Youth Show with a five-year-old boy in Seven & Under Showmanship.  With a little time and update in training, he would make a superb AOTE or Amateur show horse in showmanship, halter, and performance classes, although I'm not certain his temperament would make him suitable as a driving horse. He is athletic and a sweet boy!  $500

Radar, grade Harnessbred Pony, trained to drive, but needs refresher. He was a rescue and it took a while to regain his trust. He is slow to warm to new people, but is ever the gentleman. Easy to handle (not real fond of electric clippers, though), he is happiest when given time to decide it's HIS idea, not yours. Patience & humor win him over! Exquisite way of going, he has that reaching Standardbred trot, and would make a dynamic CDE horse! 38.5" tall, Radar is 10 years old in 2017.  $550

Thousand Oaks Stryke's Southern Gent, aka Mustang, 2005 AMHR gelding, 36" tall, he's registered as a silver dapple Appaloosa, though he is actually a silver chocolate varnish roan Appaloosa (AMHR does not recognize silver chocolate or varnish, last I heard).
Mustang is sired by an AMHA World Champion Pleasure Driving Stallion, and is out of an AMHR National Champion Halter mare. He would make a really nice pleasure or show driving horse, and is athletic enough for many of the performance classes in AMHR.  $500

I have not done much with any of these boys (life gets in the way every time I try, it seems), and they are willing and able. They just need someone knowledgeable and patient enough to teach them what they need to learn.

If you are interested in any of the, please call me @ (972) 754-6871.

I will consider a package deal of you want two or all three of them!

ALSO AVAILABLE:  Four-wheel buggy, newly refurbished, suitable for B-size miniature or Shetland Pony, or change the shafts out for a team pole for a smaller pair to pull (not included).  $500

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