Monday, March 16, 2009

30 - Box

This is a new church built on the route I take to work. Seems to me like they had a very unimaginative architect. It feels far more institutional than welcoming! (All it lacks is the razor wire around the perimeter!)

I started to use this as "Places of Worship" theme, but I thought "Box" fit it better. (I only hope their religious practices aren't as confined as this building makes me feel every time I look at it.)


  1. If it is dry see if they will look after your horses until the flood subsides a bit.

  2. Fun choice for the theme. I love the B&W, as it really reinforces the institutional feel.

  3. It's definitely not very eye appealing!! It looks more like a school than a church.

  4. Too funny, Sunny! It definitely doesn't draw you to the building - does it?? Great image for the theme- very creative!

  5. No, it doesn't look much like a church. Kind of cold and not welcoming. I like "box" better fir this photo than places of worship.

  6. Hey girl take some time off from pestering those poor beasts. Iona Tagged me and I tagged you.
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    Threat the rules as you like but get in there and have some fun. P.S. I hope the water has abated a bit.

  7. Can't even think of what to say but yuck!

  8. wow I never would have guessed that was a church - kinda flat and you are rignt not inviting