Tuesday, March 17, 2009

72 - Curvy

I caught this fellow as I was trying for photos of a great blue heron. The heron was definitely more cautious about humans, because a boy walking on the shore scared that one off. This one watched him, but never moved an inch. So I settled for the white heron (egret???). He's the same size as the great blue, and they were close together. I had hoped for some shots of the two together, but it was not to be (yet, anyway). I thought "Curvy" was a fitting description of his neck as he preened.


  1. Perfect fit for the theme, and a really different perspective - you can definitely see that curve!

  2. Remarkeable the curves they can get in their long slender necks. Especially when fishing and trying to stop the fish seeing them. Great photo.

  3. Sunny, you have been TAGGED!

    Madelaine tagged me and here are the rules:
    •Go to your photo folder on your computer
    •Go to the 6th folder of photos
    •Go to the sixth picture
    •Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
    •Invite six friends to join the challenge
    •Link them in your blog
    I hope you join us in this adventure.

  4. Nice one for the theme.

    The egrets pause at the nearby marsh on their way to a summer home, and I thought I spied one a few days ago but I was late for an appointment and couldn't stop. It was already gone by the time I came back.

  5. Curvy is perfect, a wonderful shot.

  6. beautiful interpretation to the theme - nice find