Friday, March 27, 2009

360 - Who Put That There?

I'll never understand why people throw trash out of a car window. Why litter up the whole world? I saw this piece of whatever-it-is floating (just out of reach) at the edge of a pond. Sad commentary on the thoughtlessness of our species. (In case you were wondering, it's been raining again, day 4!) (sigh)

Playing catch up again! I was just too tired yesterday to post anything. Just found out the foal I'm expecting May 1 is going to be a high risk birth, due to a type of grass I found growing in my pasture. Fescue sure causes a lot of problems. (It cost me a full brother to this foal in 2006--I'm desperately hoping not to repeat that experience this year! Lost the baby, almost lost Ladyhawk. Don't want to come that close again!!)


  1. The irresponsibility of people never ceases to amaze me. I'm so sorry about your foal. I hope everything goes well and that both mom and baby are safe.

  2. I personally believe that it is a sin to do that when you have a perfectly good empty back seat to fill up first. I love the dainty twig that is behind the trash, thought it was a Deagon Farm Dragon Fly at first.

  3. I hate litterbugs!

    I hope the pregnancy and birth go smoothly. It must be very worrying for you...

  4. It is sad that some people have no respect for the world around them. I do hope things go well for the pregnancy.