Saturday, January 17, 2009

43 - Celestial Bodies

I took this a few days before the full moon (about 2:00 pm).  Darkened the color, then played with the lens flare filter.  Final touch was the DreamSuite plug-in's Dreamy Effects to soften the lens flares.  Maybe a brighter blue than I wanted, but I kind of like the lens flare filter.  Never used it before.  I think I'll play with it a bit more now.


  1. Very nicely done . I never tried a moon shot in the afternoon. I like the soft effect.

  2. Wow and That is How we get to look into the sixth dimension moon barely visible to the right of OUR moon. Way Kool Dude(ette) Mark Not4wood used that word once and I felt a bit nausious1 Sorry.

  3. Love the effect here with the image - totally cool!