Saturday, April 18, 2009

103 - Flowers

I couldn't make up my mind which photo to use, so I used three!

A field of Texas bluebonnets down the street from my house. Amazing, aren't they. They started as a small patch about 5 years ago. Look at them now!
A sickly bluebonnet. It's pale, so it MUST be sick, right? These have started showing up occasionally just last year. These are the only ones I saw this time, but I didn't wade through the field looking for them, either. Almost as pretty as the originals, eh?
OK. Here's my iris photo (first of the year). I took it from my truck, as the owners had a large, hungry-looking dog, and I didn't desire to become lunch. I do prefer to do very close-up photos of irises, just not this time!

.Never saw this color before! I love the deep indigo blue of these.


  1. All are stunning, bright and cheery - I needed those today!

  2. Great photo but the horses want to know if they are edible. Hope things have picked up for you, how is mum and the foal????

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe you took the iris shot from your car! Well done...

  4. These are all SO gorgeous! Love the colors! Glad you posted all three!

  5. Perfect!! Gorgeous color. How was your trip?

  6. I worked at a nursery several years ago. We actually had some white bluebonnets. I don't think the pale one you have there is sick. I think it's a variation. You may see more of them as the years go by. I still love the dark ones best. The darker, the better. Your photos are great!