Thursday, April 16, 2009

340 - Turkey or Fowl

OK. This post is playing catch up for last week! This should have me back up to date. (I hate being behind--on anything!)

The same feed store that has that John Deere puppy for sale also has baby turkeys (and chicks and ducks). The turkeys were 2 days old when I saw them. Slow shutter speed indoors (even under the heat lamps) made clear photos difficult, but I got a couple that were passable (barely). These little guys were just at the edge of the lamp, and trying to doze, even though there were others in there who thought it was playtime. I wanted to take one (or two) home so bad! But sanity prevailed (if I don't have a safe place for chicks, which I want dearly, I don't have a safe place for turkeys!) (sigh)


  1. Hope the trevails are abating a tad Sunny, don't want you all stressed out when snapping the shutter, young birds are always soothing to watch, Great shot of the markings and their helplessness.

  2. It would be hard to turn your back on this adorable balls of puff! What an adorable picture!

  3. Sounds like your household is really busy without them!! Wise decision to leave them there!!